I (Jesse Black) was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and was fortunate to have been present as words like "Herpetoculture" were first coined.  Repetitive reproduction of most species was a rarity in the early days, and breeding specimens such as King Cobras but a dream.  With the Everglades at my back door, and Bill Haast's Miami Serpentarium for inspiration, I simply fell into my life's greatest passion without much real thought or initial planning.  The Universe places us where we are supposed to be, and reptiles have been my constant companions for my entire life.

I was lucky to be a part of the introduction of bearded dragons to mainstream America, and in one year, effectively doubled the US population of Varanus acanthurus in the early 1990's when these Australian dwarf monitors were all but unknown in this country.  Now, I am working to selectively breed Ophiophagus - possibly the first breeding program of its kind. Along the way, I ran Botanical Journey, an online nursery supplying African and Malagasy caudiciform and succulent plants. While I no longer have the huge greenhouses, I still maintain a hobby greenhouse full of orchids and other oddball rarities.  In the "real world" I am an ER/Trauma/Neuro-ICU RN, though I consider my herpetological projects my life's work.  I have one son, Hunter, who is a student at Florida State University. 

In these pages you will find available reptiles as they are ready for new homes - all produced here unless otherwise noted.  Photographs will always be of the exact animal you will receive.  The occasional plant specimens will also be listed.  We tend to lean toward sculpturally unique species, but you never know what you will find.  All photographs are taken by me, unless otherwise noted.

I thank you for your interest in our breeding programs, for without you, the collective advancement of our knowledge base and passion for this industry would not be possible.  I have been fortunate that some of the greatest names in herpetology, going back decades, have unselfishly shared information, knowledge, and guidance.  I feel it is my responsibility to pay that forward, and ask that you do the same.    


Jesse Black

Fascination, bordering on obsession...


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