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SIGNIFICANT resolution is lost when posting to the web page. Serious inquiries please request high resolution photographs if there is any question that these will mature into trophy snakes.

​​​​​                                     Symbol denotes venomous species.  No sales to minors. ID required. Permits and/or licenses where required by law.                                     We will not knowingly break any laws and will check with the proper authorities in the destination state for                                           legality verification. We reserve the right to refuse sales of venomous species to individuals whose experience                                       we feel is lacking, misrepresented, or whose intentions or motives are suspect

Fascination, bordering on obsession...

​​​Individual prices as listed. We prefer to sell pairs, but are open to singles. Multiple pair purchases may qualify for incentives, discounts, or waiving of shipping and/or box fees

​Please reference ID# when inquiring

High quality photos may be requested for closer evaluation at higher resolution - Just ask!

Toxic Envy

2016 West African Gaboon Vipers Bitis rhinoceros

Farm Bred - Ghana, Togo Locales

​Perfect feeders on F/T - Deparasitized -  In our care since February

Hand selected for color and breeder potential.  Each year we select quantities and grow them to the point that they begin to "color up" so we can evaluate colors, and hold a number for our own programs. We have a long and proven track record for picking high quality Gaboon Vipers - we simply have a weakness for these magnificent snakes. Coloration will only improve as they mature, and our snakes are worth every penny asked. These are just beginning to reveal full color potential!