Prices and availability are subject to change at any time without notice
  No live arrival guarantee where destination temperature is less than 40 or greater than 89 degrees F.    Ice/Heat packs provided at no charge when warranted

  Live arrival guarantee only on shipments sent airport to airport (Delta air freight)
  No live arrival guarantee for shipments that are delayed or mishandled by the carrier
  No live arrival guarantee for shipments sent via door to door services (Non-venomous only)
  No live arrival guarantee on shipments sent to destinations below 40 or above 89 degrees F
  No live arrival guarantee on export orders being sent outside the United States
  All claims must be called in IMMEDIATELY and animals returned within 24 hours of arrival at        destination airport if requested. LEAVE A MESSAGE (321-543-4793) stating the exact nature of your  claim. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, exact nature of the problem, exact number and species involved, and ID#’s if applicable. All claims must be accompanied by CLEAR digital photo’s showing the animals in question, our shipping box, shipping label, and/or airway bill. Photos should be emailed to or sent via text to 321-543-4793
unless seller cannot produce the agreed upon specimen(s) – please read this again!
  Payment plan terms and payment time tables can only be modified with the approval of the seller.      Failure to adhere to agreed upon time tables can result in forfeiture of deposit or collections proceedings
  The purchaser agrees to pay all expenses, including legal expenses, court costs and attorney fees paid by the seller in endeavoring to collect on invoiced items. All amounts 60 days past terms shall be subject to a 2% monthly service charge
  No guarantee that animals are free of parasites – While extremely rare, shit happens!
  Sexing is done at our best effort, but is not guaranteed in some species
  Trades, when accepted, shall be shipped to seller BEFORE seller’s animals are shipped to buyer unless   other arrangements are specifically made

  Your order is a legally binding contract. By placing your order you acknowledge that you have read, fully understand, and fully agree to our terms of sale. You also acknowledge and agree to pay all expenses including legal fees, court costs, and attorney fees paid by the seller when attempting to collect on a breach of these terms. We are not responsible for customers that ignore our terms of sale.     All sales are final.


  We accept PayPal (, cash, and US Postal money orders. Barter for gold coins, gold bullion, select firearms, and select high end Canon DSLR lenses and digital audio/video equipment may be entertained. USPS money orders must be sent overnight or priority unless other arrangements are specifically made.

 Whew, now the good part:
  We pack our animals very, very, well. Barring airline mishandling, you will receive your animals in excellent condition.  It pains us to have to include the above outlined terms, but a few bad players over the years have made it a necessity to protect ourselves. 99.9999% of transactions are a pleasure and transpire without incident. 

Terms - Please Read!!

By placing your order you acknowledge that you have read, fully understand, and agree to our terms of sale.

Thank You!

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